La Sierra Art+Design, Digital Media
2024 Student Show & Arts Mix & Mingle Event
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Photography by Lorena Escalera

Christmas FAM Night 2023
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The Art + Design X Music Dept Christmas FAM Night!

Art + Design Life 2022–2023
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BTS Photoshoot – Terrill Thomas
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Behind the scenes footage of several photoshoots concepts developed and photographed by Terrill Thomas

Joshua Tree 2023
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Art + Design majors explore Joshua Tree, draw and explore photography Department Chair Terrill Thomas enjoys taking students out to explore nature. “Exploring the grand outdoor spaces of California provides so many benefits to college students. They are able to make new friends, while getting a little exercise and try out some of their creative…

Jason Trinidad Pop Up Exhibition
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Two Bit Press with Julia Curran
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Artist and printmaker Julia Curran printing an edition at Two Bit Press, Art + Design Department, La Sierra University. It was an honor to be able to assist Julia Curran in printing a multicolor screen print. We not only got to meet and work with an amazing artist, but we also learned so much from…

A+D Garden
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A+D Students and faculty plant a new garden. Cultivating the garden is a metaphor for cultivating one’s own creative practice.

WARP – Virtual Walk Through
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3D Virtual Walkthrough of exhibition Press  release May 16 – May 21, 2021 Reception: Sunday May 16, 6pm zoom talk and virtual gallery walkthrough Graduating seniors Blake Walker and Jackie Hernandez present a virtual senior thesis exhibit showcasing a series of works that reflect society’s information overload and the impacts of life’s hardships.

Come Visit Art + Design
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Students & Faculty win 23 Addy Awards
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La  Sierra University Art + Design students and faculty win 19 Student  Addy Awards, and 4 Professional Addy Awards at the 2021 Inland Empire Addy Awards Competition. TIM MUSSO (Faculty) TERRILL THOMAS (Faculty) | T13MEDIA.COM COLE GABRIEL-REBMANN MICAH BULLER ANGELA CHILDS ANGELA CHILDS MICHELLE HWANG MICHELLE HWANG LOUISE CELLE BLAY COLE GABRIEL-REBMANN LAURA CRUZ AARON…

PSA Campaign
150 150 Art Design PLAY

Graphic Design 1 students created  posters to raise awareness of the impact of single use plastics. Professor: Terrill Thomas

Design & Marketing Major: Blake
1024 604 Art Design PLAY

Blake Walker is completing both a Marketing  and Graphic Design degree at La Sierra University. Take a look at his recent photography work completed during last year’s photography workshop. To explore more view: Blake Walker Photography >>    

Lemon Drop
1014 1024 Art Design PLAY

Photography professor Terrill Thomas shoots with a 1945 Rolleiflex film camera.

We the People…
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Test animation demonstrating the text animation effects in After Effects, by Terrill Thomas.

Life Drawing Portrait Time Lapse
150 150 Art Design PLAY

Time lapse of Terrill Thomas drawing via Zoom, with the London based life drawing open session.

Mental Health Animation PSA
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Tanner creates an animation raising awareness about mental health.

Ember: Senior Exhibition
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Looking back at the 2013 Art + Design Senior Exhibition.

Vote Project: Design Collaboration
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VOTE PROJECT Design  collaboration between YCP.EDU and Original Printmaking Design Poster by: Jacob Kummer Motion Graphics by: Blake Walker
150 150 Art Design PLAY

Arik Amodeo launches site, featuring original photography, his own clothing line and personal video work.  

Art + Design Palm Springs Aerial Tram field Trip
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Join the art and design students on a trip to explore the San Jacinto forest via the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. Edited by Chloe Ahmundson.

Tim Musso / Hayduke Trail
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Tim  Musso, Assistant Professor in the Art + Design Department at La Sierra University, shares his experience of hiking over 700 miles in 10 weeks.

2019-2020 Art + Design Highlight Reel
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Screaming Eye + Ferociously Captivating Mural
150 150 Art Design PLAY

Screaming Eye mural by Jackie Ferociously Captivating mural by Tanner

College Hurts Mural by Arik
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Temporary tape mural by Arik.

Palm Springs Field Trip
925 1024 Art Design PLAY

The A+D FAM took a trip to Palm Springs, November 7, to wander amongst nature and recharge their creative energy. Taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up an 8,000 ft elevation forest-scape, everyone had the opportunity to choose their own experience: drawing, photography, hiking and climbing; whatever path sparked their creative interests. Being a Thursday…

Joshua Tree Drawing Workshop
Joshua Tree Drawing Workshop Oct 4/ 5
1000 667 Art Design PLAY

Epic Day Trip to Joshua Tree For An Artist workshop! The art & design department took a field trip out into another planet where students were led into a guided drawing experience by three talented artist’s visiting from Alaska. Here are a few quotes students had from their Joshua Tree experience: “The experience in Jtree…

Farm + Table Club Exhibits at Wellness Fair
Farm + Table Club at the Wellness Fair
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Farm + Table Club Serves Over 100 Cups of Fresh Juice A+D Clubs Build Community Through Campus Events The mission of our club is to educate others, so that they have the knowledge to know how important it is to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Yet, you will learn to be creative and grow…

Art + Design Chapel
1000 667 Art Design PLAY

Over 20 art + design students, and faculty collaborated in creating a live arts chapel. Students constructed and built a 16 ft tall by 12 ft freestanding wooden mural structure. During the 40 minute program, students painted the graphic and phrase, “together we see”. Adjacent to this structure, Blake Walker, live painted on models Cole…

We Create Together
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Our latest promo video is up! We would love for you to join our community. Contact us to schedule a visit.

Students and Faculty Win 13 Addy Awards
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Image above: L-R: Brigitta Doherty, Katie Nichols, Blake Walker, Andrew Perez, Jackie Hernandez, Tanner Nababan, Terrill Thomas (Student not shown, Crystal Naibaho, Megan Joseph) American Advertising Awards Inland Empire Addy Awards Gala, Mission Inn Art and Design majors entered graphic design, illustration and photography in the 2019 Annual Study Advertising Awards and won a total…

Desert X2
150 150 Art Design PLAY

Art + Design Students take a trip to see the Desert X installations scattered from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea and beyond. “ The trip was fun because we got to express ourselves and creativity through photography- and modeling and the company was fun and in the end we got some good food!” –Nushi…

Students Present: Dallas Printmaking Conference
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FAM NIGHT: Students and Faculty Talk about Participating in the 2019 SGCI Conference “Texchange”   Professor Musso and printmaking students Linette, Paulina and Alefa talk about what is was like to exhibit their work alongside professionals and students from other Universities. “My favorite part of the talk was how our students pushed past their fear…

Texchange SGCI 2019
900 900 Art Design PLAY

Students exhibit work at Texchange SGCI: 2019 Faculty Tim Musso traveled with students Alefa, Paulina and Linette to Dallas, Texas exhibit work at the 2019 annual conference of SGCI International. The Texchange Conference was definitely a highlight! I saw all kinds of people: crazy hair, multiple piercings, buttons, pins, and patches on denim jackets, Vans…

Ladder Canyon Epic Hike
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Art + Design students and faculty at La Sierra University, spend the Sabbath hiking in the Mecca Hills, exploring Ladder Canyon and Painted Canyon. While I’ve only been on a few A + D family trips, our excursion to Ladder Canyon was inexplicably my favorite. Going to Mecca was a whole new experience for me;…

2019 Art + Design Alumni Exhibit – 360° Video Walkthrough
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EXHIBITION STATEMENT The Alumni Exhibition showcases the creative work of alumni spanning the last 44 years, ranging from design and animation to textiles and paintings. This exhibition is not intended to be a representative of all of our alumni (many of whom find success in other fields) but rather a focus on those who have…

Desert X
1024 705 Art Design PLAY

Art + Design Students Explore Desert X & The Salton Sea “My favorite trips are the ones that have a loose enough plan to include surprises along the way. We certainly found some interesting surprises outside of the Desert X art installations—International Banana Museum, a dip in the ‘Mistake’ at Corvina Beach, and skateboarding on…

Students provide design services for OC CARES
1024 576 Art Design PLAY

OC CARES Hosts a Thank You Luncheon for Art + Design Students Each year students in the Web Design class provide design services for local non-profit organizations as their service-learning. This year the class partnered with OC CARES, an organization formed to help support other charities in Orange County. Students this year created a documentary video,…

Exploring Joshua Tree
1024 682 Art Design PLAY

Faculty and A+D majors kick-off the Thanksgiving break with a day hike to Joshua Tree.  

New Electric Kiln Installation
1024 1024 Art Design PLAY

Professor Musso and Art+Design students Brigitta, Sessaleena and Michael install the new Electric Kiln.

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