Texchange SGCI 2019

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Students exhibit work at Texchange SGCI: 2019

Faculty Tim Musso traveled with students Alefa, Paulina and Linette to Dallas, Texas exhibit work at the 2019 annual conference of SGCI International.

The Texchange Conference was definitely a highlight! I saw all kinds of people: crazy hair, multiple piercings, buttons, pins, and patches on denim jackets, Vans and Converse, the list goes on. But even with all these different characteristics that set everyone apart from each other, we were all still a community. And that was awesome. – Alefa Afalava

“This year’s SGCI was the first printmaking convention I have attended, as well as my first time being in Dallas, Texas where the convention was held. As part of the convention itinerary, we visited various university and college campuses’ art studios, offering generous, useful demos of all of the printmaking methods. These tours fueled my motivation to make lots of work and potentially try out some new methods. Participating in an open portfolio was daunting, but showing my prints to others allowed for light critique and input from an outside opinion, which is good to have once in a while. Through this, I met other artists and got to widen my perspective on what people in my age group were making. Overall, I am thankful to the department and the Katchamakoff scholarship for letting us take this fun trip.” –Paulina White

TaupouI by Alefa Afalava

“In Samoan culture, the Taupou is a virago. She is the standard of grace and beauty, but is a fierce warrior in her own right. Some of the responsibilities of the Taupou include: preparation of the ‘ava’ (a drink prepared for guests during the ceremony of welcoming) and traditional dancing for just about every occasion. Because respect, sacrifice, and obedience are the pillars of tradition, the Taupou lives to serve her family and her people.”

Woodland Witch by Paulina White

Roadrunner by Paulina White