• Joshua Tree Drawing Workshop
  • Joshua Tree Drawing Workshop
  • Joshua Tree Drawing Workshop
  • Joshua Tree Drawing Workshop

Joshua Tree Drawing Workshop Oct 4/ 5

1000 667 Art Design PLAY

Epic Day Trip to Joshua Tree For An Artist workshop!

The art & design department took a field trip out into another planet where students were led into a guided drawing experience by three talented artist’s visiting from Alaska.

Here are a few quotes students had from their Joshua Tree experience:

“The experience in Jtree changed my perspective on still life drawing. I’ve always had trouble with patience, especially in drawing but the workshop caused me to get lost in the shapes and forms of what I was studying. It probably helps that I enjoy nature a lot.” — Brigitta

I had such a great time in Jtree. The day was shared with awesome friends and It was a pleasure to hang out with the three talented artists visiting from Alaska. I’ve never been to a drawing workshop and it was such a neat experience to have that wokshop out in Joshua Tree. These artist’s experience comes from their removal from society and full immersion out in nature where they observe and create. So It was really neat to be guided and taught by them.” — Lauren

“My experience during this trip was truly one for the books. The three visiting artists, Bill, Klara and Lindsay had so much wisdom and thought-provoking conversation to offer in Joshua Tree; I deeply appreciated each moment in which I learned something new from them and their profound connection to nature.
Concerning our overnight escapade, I had camped out only once before in a different desert location, but this was my first time experiencing all that Joshua Tree had to offer– after hours. The stars were stunning and sunrise even more so, at night I could hear coyotes howling in the distance as I snuggled up into my sleeping bag; the desert is so endlessly magical at night. I can’t get enough. This whole beautifully surreal trip fully allowed me to reconnect with nature, myself, and my passion to create, and I can’t wait to do it again. ” — Kayla

 “ The art department is full of amazing people who made Joshua Tree a memorable trip! Next time I’m definitely camping!” — Ariana ( This was her first trip with the A+D!) 

“This wasn’t my first time exploring Joshua Tree but it was the first time that I camped there and it was such a surreal experience, and I would love to do it again.” — Serena