Artist Studio Visit

Two Bit Press with Julia Curran

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Artist and printmaker Julia Curran printing an edition at Two Bit Press, Art + Design Department, La Sierra University.

It was an honor to be able to assist Julia Curran in printing a multicolor screen print. We not only got to meet and work with an amazing artist, but we also learned so much from her! – Shailani
It was such an amazing opportunity to be able to help a professional artist produce her craft. – Alana

3D Design Class Visit to Ben Jackel’s Studio

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Ben Jackel hosted the 3D Design class for a studio visit and all day workshop.

“Ben Jackel’s studio visit was something that I think both 3-D Design and Ceramics hand-building students would have appreciated! Ben’s cannons exhibited in Providence of Night were built with extruded clay coils, which we were able to do during the studio visit. Seeing our miniature cannons and his larger scale cannons really reinforce the fact that virtually any form can be constructed with coils.”  – Randy