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Jason Trinidad Pop Up Exhibition

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2019 Art + Design Alumni Exhibit – 360° Video Walkthrough

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The Alumni Exhibition showcases the creative work of alumni spanning the last 44 years, ranging from design and animation to textiles and paintings. This exhibition is not intended to be a representative of all of our alumni (many of whom find success in other fields) but rather a focus on those who have chosen to engage in an ongoing creative practice. Alumni who come back to teach for us are also not represented in this exhibit, as they showcase work in the faculty exhibition.

The importance of an alumni exhibition extends far beyond the excellent level of creative work on display. We value the perspective that working for years in a creative industry brings. We are moved by what they found important during their time here. Their willingness to participate and look back, while sharing where they are now, enables our current students to look forward, and see a future for themselves in a creative practice.



Forging connections is extremely important to flourish in a creative field. This was a great opportunity to see how people who were once in our shoes achieved their goals.
– Katie Nichols

Personally, I think this art gallery has been one of my favorites in comparison to all the others I have been to. Having them talk about their struggles and giving us advice about the process has prepared me a little more for the future.
–Veronica Ramirez