Gardening + Graphic Design

  • Farm + Table Club Exhibits at Wellness Fair
  • Farm + Table Club Exhibits at Wellness Fair
  • Farm + Table Club Exhibits at Wellness Fair

Farm + Table Club at the Wellness Fair

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Farm + Table Club Serves Over 100 Cups of Fresh Juice

A+D Clubs Build Community Through Campus Events

The mission of our club is to educate others, so that they have the knowledge to know how important it is to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Yet, you will learn to be creative and grow different produce while taking care of our planet. You’ll then be able to learn how to cook a balanced meal by using the produce you’ve grown.

We are a club that is based on helping others, while being a community-open to everyone and their open minds. We love to hear from others, you are important to us and it is important that we are able to spread our word. Gardening and having the knowledge of where our food comes from is important. In addition, it’s important for us to fuel our bodies with the right nutritional foods.

Discovering New Life in a Dead Plant

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Holding on to a bad idea, will inhibit new growth

Sometimes a great idea, hits a wall. There may be a copyright issue, or the project goals might have shifted during the process. Creatives have to know when to let go of a idea, and make room for new ideas. If the research was exhaustive enough, it might support new life in a different direction. In this plant, the roots were still alive, even though the plant appeared dead. Repeated watering of the plant, resulted in new life.

– Terrill Thomas