Tim Musso / Hayduke Trail

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Tim  Musso, Assistant Professor in the Art + Design Department at La Sierra University, shares his experience of hiking over 700 miles in 10 weeks.

  • Raku, Pit Firing

Desert Raku Firing

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Art + Design majors Randy and Michael join Professor Musso on an over night trip to the Mojave Desert to Raku Fire ceramics

3D Design Class Hikes for Inspiration

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The 3D Design class taught by Brittany Mojo took a guided hike with design professor Tim Musso looking for inspiration. The hills behind the Art+Design department are a lush green thanks to the heavy spring rains.

Tim Musso says “In eight years of hiking Mount Two Bit weekly, I’ve never seen such an explosion of green, yellow, and purple plantlife. It was great to take students above the campus to find rocks which they then recreated by carving and painting a block of plaster.”

Photography by Tim Musso