Students provide design services for OC CARES

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OC CARES Hosts a Thank You Luncheon for Art + Design Students

Each year students in the Web Design class provide design services for local non-profit organizations as their service-learning. This year the class partnered with OC CARES, an organization formed to help support other charities in Orange County. Students this year created a documentary video, motion graphics, print design, and web design services. The OC CARES board hosted a thank you luncheon in Newport Beach for the students and design professor Terrill Thomas. “Service Learning provides a critical bridge in facilitating students journey from the classroom to the working design world. I am proud that our students were able to deliver professional print design, motion graphics, and video services to help OC CARES communicate their message.” – Terrill Thomas, Art + Design Department, Chair

“As a student, there aren’t many opportunities to obtain real-world experience between assignments and exams. Being able to work with OC Cares during service learning provides this much-needed experience by allowing students to interact with professionals in an environment that fosters growth. There is no better way to learn than by doing.” – Alefa Afalava

“Working with OC Cares for service learning was a great chance to experience how an actual client process would work. It gave us students real-world application and a benefitted both us and the foundation greatly. I’m glad this program is a requirement for our degree. This experience taught us about actual career paths we can follow when we graduate.”
–Brigitta Doherty