Art+Design Events @ La Sierra University

Disenfranchised Grief – Exhibit

150 150 Art Design PLAY

During his last year as Dean of the Divinity School, Dr. Gillepsie approached Art+Design chair, Terrill Thomas about showcasing student work in their hallway. Some months later, Dr. Gillepsie retired to attend to some serious health issues. Thomas approached the new Dean, Dr. Ninow with the concept. He agreed to go back to the faculty…

Jackfruit Tacos + Summer FAM Night

1024 1024 Art Design PLAY

Majors and alumni return in July for the first Summer FAM night. JackFruit Tacos are an amazing vegetarian option – that actually looks like real chicken!

Pro+Circuit Talk: Art Therapy

150 150 Art Design PLAY

Alumni Colleen Stafford Talks about Art Therapy with Art+Design Dept Chair, Terrill Thomas

Art+Design 2017-2018 Video Highlight Reel

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Printmaking Class

800 600 Art Design PLAY

Art + Design students create posters in Professor Tim Musso’s printmaking class

Murals with Lauren Bergey

800 600 Art Design PLAY

Art + Design student Lauren Bergey, with the help of Professor Terrill Thomas, brings her imagination to life through a series of murals on the stairwell walls.

Manzanar Workshop

800 647 Art Design PLAY

Brandstater Gallery artist Mark Baugh-Sasaki along with Art + Design students escape to Manzanar for an inspiration workshop

Desert Raku Firing

800 535 Art Design PLAY

Art + Design majors Randy and Michael join Professor Musso on an over night trip to the Mojave Desert to Raku Fire ceramics

Art+Design Chapel

Art+Design Chapel

1024 631 Art Design PLAY

FreshFest 2018

1000 667 Art Design PLAY

Face Painting and Henna by Art+Design Majors, Donchelle, Katie, Alefa and Brigitta. Photos ©2018 Paulino Bernal

NEMISIS – Video Walk Through

150 150 Art Design PLAY


150 150 Art Design PLAY

Photography shoot at Joshua Tree

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Art+Beach Day to San Diego

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It is a Miracle that Curiosity Survives…

150 150 Art Design PLAY

Crystal Chavez creates a site specific mural for the senior exhibition of Graphic Design BFA majors.

Atlanta Printmaking Conference

600 467 Art Design PLAY

Our own Tim Musso is giving a presentation this Wednesday to share with the department some of the things he learned from his trip to the Atlanta Conference. Please join us at noonin room 101 this Wednesday, April 5th for chocolate chip cookies and Tim‘s presentation!

3D Design Class Visit to Ben Jackel’s Studio

900 675 Art Design PLAY

Ben Jackel hosted the 3D Design class for a studio visit and all day workshop. “Ben Jackel’s studio visit was something that I think both 3-D Design and Ceramics hand-building students would have appreciated! Ben’s cannons exhibited in Providence of Night were built with extruded clay coils, which we were able to do during the…

3D Design Class Hikes for Inspiration

900 675 Art Design PLAY

The 3D Design class taught by Brittany Mojo took a guided hike with design professor Tim Musso looking for inspiration. The hills behind the Art+Design department are a lush green thanks to the heavy spring rains. Tim Musso says “In eight years of hiking Mount Two Bit weekly, I’ve never seen such an explosion of green,…

Camilla Taylor Speaks at La Sierra University

800 600 Art Design PLAY

3/8/17 Camilla Taylor talks about her life as an artist and her current show Gentle and Cruel Taylor current exhibit Gentle and Cruel opened on February 18th at Space 310 in downtown LA. Taylor is a long time friend of ours and we are thrilled to have her visit. Taylor has a studio in Los…

Road Trip to Phoenix Arizona

1024 790 Art Design PLAY

Art+Design Family – We would like to invite you to join us on a weekend road trip to Phoenix Arizona Friday March 2–Saturday March 3:   Friday 8am Leave A+D department 3pm Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden 6pm Molly Koehn MFA thesis exhibition 8pm Dinner 10pm Motel 6 in Tempe Saturday 9am James Turrell skyspace 10am Studio Visit with Molly Koehn at ASU campus Graduate Studios noon Pheonix…



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