Editor's Letter, 2015 – 2016 Academic Year


FAM. You will hear this word often here. It has many variations, Food, Art, Music. Friends, Artists and Makers. Freshman, Alumni and Makers. All are true, and reflect this core understanding that we create from. We are indeed a family. There is love here. A deep love that is born out of respect, and a recognition in the other that we all need to make stuff. To tell stories. To understand our world, and indeed ourselves, through making.

The renovation project for this year was the patio located behind the painting studio. Originally this was a working studio space, but over the years, had become the repository for stuff we were no longer using, but felt guilty about throwing away. Leslie, Annemarie, Nathaniel and I spent 8 hrs one hot summer day, and emptied out the entire space. A few weeks later, Yvonne, Yessenia and Grace used weed sprayers and sprayed the paint on, creating wonderful oceanic swirls. On his return from hiking, Tim and Scott gradually began to dispose of the mounds of garbage. 

This space, has become a wonderful setting to hold outdoor critiques during painting class. A quite place for students to sit by themselves and sketch. The barbecue grills found a natural home off to the side, facilitating many impormptu dinners. This space reflects who we are. We believe in doing things ourselves, and together. This is our home. Our family. We invite you  to join us and become part of our FAM.

Terrill Thomas

Editor & Designer