Editor's Letter, 2016 – 2017 Academic Year


Community. This is the year we celebrate and explore what it means to create in a community that is supportive and empowering. This is the year in which we gain momentum in transforming the space we live in. From staining the concrete floors, to building a palette wall in the FAM patio, each space is looked at through new eyes.

We start to define our identity through graphics and promotional items, pens, t-shirts, and water bottles. We brand ourselves through our actions, and our ability to create engaging arts focused community events.

We push the bounds of what art and design means, finding design in gardening and art in yoga. We explore the world through dozens of hiking and art trips. Each experience weaving another thread in the tapestry of our community. 

This is the year I take over 800 Advil pills in an effort to manage excruciating back pain. The year that I learn to not sit and only stand. The year I spent sleeping upright a few hours at a time. The year I discover a massive tumor lodged in my spinal column. Coming face to face with one’s mortality has a way of bringing into sharp focus what is truly important in life.  

I realized without a doubt, that I would not trade being here in this space, in this moment, for any other job in the world. This is a special place, and what we are creating will transcend time. Thank you for sharing your life this past year with us.

Terrill Thomas

Editor & Designer