Editor's Letter, 2017 – 2018 Academic Year


Community is life. We discover community, as we breakdown the artificual barriers that divide us, and hold us back from reaching our potential.
Community breathes life into everything we do, day and night. We are day dreamers and creatures of the night. We breathe in the possibilities of the moment, while working towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the exquisite world around us.

We are eternally fascinated by making things with our hands and minds. Combining the latest technology with processes dating back to the dawn of mankind. We smile when we discover new purposes for forgotten and discarded things. We stand with those that are marginalized in our society, and give visual form to experiences that are beyond the reach of language. 

We believe in the invisible life force the prana that is the breathe of God. That His eternal creative power lives in each of us, compelling us to be kind, and bare our souls through making, so that others might find theirs. To use art and design to bring light into the world.

We are a community that lives the phrase “together we see.” Together we explore the amazing world around us, allowing nature to simultaneously overwhelm and renew our senses. This magazine celebrates our life together. 

Terrill Thomas

Editor & Designer