Editor's Letter, 2018 – 2019 Academic Year


We look beyond the walls of the classroom hour, and approach an arts education, in a wholistic way, seeing the whole person. We see both the flicker of hope and the pain behind the eyes, seeking to be present in the moment. We tirelessly encourage each other to create our best Professional work, and then share it through the ADDY AWARDS and SGCI in Texas. We see the world as others are experiencing it, placing ourselves in their shoes, learning to live in Community. We believe in the invisible, the great “I Am” and actively showcase creativity in worship through the ARTS CHAPEL. We choose to believe that the God above comes down to walk with us, and is present in both our creative practice and stories that we Cultivate.

Nature inspires our creativity, so we OptOutside allowing the rhythms and sounds of nature to soothe our souls, and remind of us of our place in the universe. We are a FAM, and Evoke stories that remind us of our humanity and excellence. We dream the impossible, fully committing to build a massive Cyclorama Wall while another dozen renovation projects are happeing like the Cactus Garden. We encourage the next generation of creatives through the 5th Academy Show, while celebrating our graduates’ success in the Alumni Exhibition. We are equally at home in Joshua Tree, Crystal Cove, Mt Islip and the Devil’s Punchbowl.

This magazine, PLAY, Volume 5, celebrates the past academic year, as seen through my eyes as department chair. The events are often documented through the camera in my pocket, the iPhone Xs. Each of us will have our own “greatest hits” from this past year. PLAY attempts to capture the moments where our stories overlap. I am lucky to work with an amazing colleague Tim Musso (Batman), and secretary Sessaleena Gifford (Wonder Woman) who are the engines behind what you see here. Together We See all of you, and thank you for sharing your life with us this past 2018–2019 year.  

Terrill Thomas

Editor & Designer