Art + Design Life


PLAY is a celebration of the year round creative engagement of the community of the art + design faculty, students and alumni at La Sierra University . Each issue below follow the academic year, which runs from the summer through the end of June. PLAY is a grand experiment in arts education, prioritizing community and creativity in all aspects of life.

We see design process in cultivating plants, and art in cooking. We believe that the outdoors can renew our creative souls. We believe that if students know that if they are important to us, they will create great work and return the following year.

When students share a meal together they are more likely to help one another on their projects. If they help us renovate a space, they will have ownership and treat this space like their home. If students see us think of new uses for discarded materials, they will be respectful of the limited resources of our planet. We find joy in working with our students, transforming humble spaces into works of art. We are blessed to call this place our home.