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Desert X

1024 705 Art Design PLAY

Art + Design Students Explore Desert X & The Salton Sea

“My favorite trips are the ones that have a loose enough plan to include surprises along the way. We certainly found some interesting surprises outside of the Desert X art installations—International Banana Museum, a dip in the ‘Mistake’ at Corvina Beach, and skateboarding on the frontage road.”
–Tim Musso

“As an introverted person, stepping out from my comfort zone wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I honestly had such a fun time exploring the interesting/ bizarre places around Deseret X. ( I also learned that upperclassman don’t bite)”
–Michelle Hwang

“Some of my favorite moments on this trip were not even planned, whether it was a mini skateboard sesh on a deserted road or visiting the international museum of bananas for $1! Also being able to see Nancy’s augmented reality artwork and actually being able to interact with her work was awesome”
–Megan Joseph